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Alberta’s strong enduring landscape reflects on the people of the west. Here there is a sense of belonging. Images on this site are made from spontaneous reactions to scenes around the artist. Eleanor has lived most of her life in Alberta. Raising three children, farming and just “the facts of life” made a time out from art. However, now is the time to create.

Eleanor is interested in showing light in opposition to darkness. Nature has rhythms of lines and shapes she enjoys including in the work. Eleanor has always preferred to paint alla prima using oil and acrylics. She would like to hold onto those little treasures one comes across unexpectedly.

The U of A extension courses that were taught locally introduced her to impressionistic painting. Eleanor has experimented with other styles, but prefers freedom from details.

Work has been sold to Alta Foundation for the arts, Treasury Branch, and private collectors. She has received awards at ACACA and Allied Arts.

Eleanor gives God alone the credit for creativity.

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    Elenor Lohner
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