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Artist's Philosophy:
If you've ever attempted to capture a beautiful sunset in a photo and marveled at how much diminished the photo is compared to the magnificence you see before you, then you have the beginning understanding of Vicki's approach to creating Art. She aims to restore the breath-catching beauty that is often robbed by the camera. She seeks to know what causes the heart to race and maximize whatever it might be. Whether it's the delicate way the light limns the edges of an object, the way colours interact in the sky, the heart-wrenching sweetness in the posture of a forest creature, it all starts with understanding precisely what it is that provokes emotion. Vicki has spent her life noticing and exploring ways to recreate that essential aspect that moves the soul.
Artist Biography:

The granddaughter of a talented blacksmith artist, Vicki was born to create. All her life, she dabbled in drawing, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic painting, clay modelling, bone carving, and even glass blowing. While she made strides and her skills grew, none of these lit her heart on fire until she was introduced to needle felting. it was a life changing moment for which she is continually grateful.

Vicki lives on a small hobby farm in central Alberta with her husband, young daughter and two sons who are closer to being men than children. When the summer shines, she can be found with her feet in the soil and her mind in the clouds. Gardening and needle felting are enduring passions, but her family and her faith are the true bedrock of her life.

In her youth, Vicki used to surf, snowboard, cliff jump, bungy jump, skydive, and spin fire, but now she pours that adventurous spirit into her art; constantly exploring new and inventive ways to use fiber to create beauty. She has lived and worked in Australia, England, and Ireland, and also soaked in the sights and experiences of Fiji, Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Greece and Hawaii. You'll see hints of her love of travel and the sea sprinkled through her work.

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