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Artist Theresa Williams is drawn to landscape, but not just any landscape. She prefers the large, lonely, desolate, challenging and grand landscapes where our efforts to develop or tame those lands seem futile or misguided. Theresa feels most at peace when looking out over these landscapes and her paintings attempt to express this through colour, composition and mood.

“When I look out over the landscape, I am most aware of my mortality and how short a time any of us have in this life and how fast our lives pass. My sense of self and my day to day worries seem so meaningless in face of this and I feel like I can almost touch what really matters and with that comes terrific clarity and freedom.”

Theresa Williams was born in Calgary in the early 1960s. She grew up in BC, attended Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, Cariboo College in Kamloops, and graduated from UBC in Vancouver. She and her husband moved to Alberta in 2006 and now live in Carstairs, a small town north of Calgary.

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