Custom Art Mugs

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Curiosity Art & Framing has partnered up with Heartland Promotions to offer you Custom Art Mugs!

Heartland Promotions is a small business owned and operated by Karen Spruyt near the hamlet of Erskine, AB. Karen has recently added sublimation products to her services and is interested in creating a niche in the art world to offer an alternative “canvas” for galleries and artists to sell their artwork.
We consider these items as high value items. They support local artists, are custom prints, unique to the area and are printed on quality substrates.
Design Requirements:
1. High quality scan/photo of the artwork. Must be at least 150 dpi at design size, 300 dpi is preferable. 2. Artwork must fit/scale to the following sizes to include the full piece in a wrap design. Otherwise it will end up being cropped. a. 11 oz mug: 8”wide x 3.5” tall (20 cm x 9 cm) b. 15 oz mug: 9.5” wide x 3.75” tall (24cm x 9.5 cm) c. 22 oz tall tumbler: 9.5” wide x 8.5” tall (24cm x 22cm) 3. Signed release of the artwork to allow Heartland Promotions to custom print items on the artist’s or gallery’s behalf.
To get a custom Art Mug, there must be a minimum order of 6 of any custom design
Please contact us in regards to getting mugs printed!Heartland Promotions Logo